Nubian DVDs and Books

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Anthony Browder


The Importance of Afrikan Centered Education  $15 
Stolen African Knowledge  $15 
Empire: How They Get Away With Murdering Black Culture  $15 
What You Did Not Know About The Movie Django  $15 
The Hidden Power and Influence of Music  $15 
Black Genesis Lecture with Anthony Browder and Robert Bauval  $15 
Museum of Fine Arts Nubian Artifacts Tour with Anthony Browder, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Mfundishi  $15   
Crisis In The Middle East or Crisis In Africa  $15   
The Economics of Culture: Why Afrikan History Matters  $15   
The Afrikan Origins of Deep Spiritual Thought  $15   
The Da Vinci Code Decoded  $15   
The Truth About The Movies The Terminator, Matrix, Star Wars and the Lion King  $15   
From Precious to Monster's Ball: Hollywood's Media War on the Black Mind $15   
An Afrikan Centered Look At The Movie Avatar $15   
Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight $15 
10 Strategies of War with Alton Maddox $15 
Decoding the Secret $15
The Lies That Won't Go Away $15 
Barack or Not Barack: An Analysis of His Legacy, Candidacy and Its Impact on African Americans and the World $15 


Finding Karakhamun  $12   
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization (Study Guide) $10   
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization  $20  
Egypt on the Potomac  $15   
Survival Strategies For African Americans In America $18
From The Browder File $15
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