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Bobby Hemmitt


Ptah Neter Un Ra & Hierarchy of Rastafari  $15 
Prelude To The Dragon Lords  $15 
Rise of the Cosmic Serpent 2  $15 
Rise of the Cosmic Serpent  $15 
Theology of Hate and Anger  $15 
Titans and the War Against Alchemy (Fair Video Quality) $15 
Seeing Through The Visible World  $15 
Making Sense of the Madness 2  $15 
Spiritual Science of Awakening  $15 
Immigrant Human 2: Creation of the White Race  $15 
Nebet-Het: Rise of the Black Auset  $15 
Moorish Destiny and the Annihilation of Black Music  $15 
Sinister and Spiritual Reflections  $15 
We Are The Aliens  $15 
Afrikan Revelation of the Dark Goddess   $15 
The Ancient Afrikan Battle For The Universe   $15 
Afrikan Mystical Destiny  $15 
Aten and Heru in the Last Days  $15 
Chaos in Wonderland  $15 
Bobby Hemmitt at the Melanin Conference (2002)  $15 
Black Magical Pantheons  $15 
Above God the Gnostic Race  $15 
The Egyptian Eternal Heart Chakra  $15 
The Egyptian Eternal Heart Chakra 2   $15 
Chaos Vision in the Eye of the Sphinx  $15 
Babylonia: The Future of Love and Sex  $15 
The Dogstar and the Great Day of Judgement, Egyptology and UFOlogy  $15 
Dogon Mystery  $15 
Advanced Concepts in Kemetic Spirituality  $15 
Afrikan Age of the Apocalypse  $15 
Apocalypse of the Melanin Wars  $15 
Apocalypse Culture  $15 
Afrikan Power of the Unseen  $15 
Dreams and the Underworld  $15 
Changes in the Afrikan Cosmic Atmosphere  $15 
Agents of Chaos - Moorish Science  $15 
Black Cosmic Destiny  $15 
Dragontime: The Rise of Lavado  $15 
Black Cosmic Destiny  $15 
Cosmic Festival of the Netheru  $15 
From Pharoahs to Negroes  $15 
Overcoming Destiny and Fate  $15 
Rapid, Miraculous, 3rd Eye Accelartion   $15   
Occult Science 101: The Gateway to the Inner World  $15   
The Acient Orishas  $15   
The Hidden Power Uncut  $25   
The Mothership   $15 
The Mothership 2: The Sothic Cosmic Papers  $15   
The Mothership 3: The Aiwass Factor  $15   
The Mothership 4: Black Sacred Waters of Return  $15   
Future Dreams and the Underworld  $15   
Thunder Dog In The Motor City  $15   
Religious Poisoning  $15   
The Many Faces of God  $15   
The Chaos Bridge to Nilism  $15   
The Kemetian Kabala  $15   
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Knowledge  $15   
 The Ancient Underworld $15   
Leviathan: The Ultimate Power  $15   
Chaos Child of Heaven  $15   
Return of the Sphinx  $15   
When We Were Gods  $15   
 Ancient African Souls In Transformation $15   
Spiritual Warfare: Physical Assassination  $15   
African Civilization Panel Discussion with Bobby Hemmitt and Dr. Wesley Muhammad  $15 
The Eve of Destruction  $15   
Maat in the Season 2012: Why Did This Happen To Haiti $15 
Classic Panel Discussion with Bobby Hemmitt, Phil Valentine, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Henry Debernardo, Audri Williams and The Conscious Rasta  $15   
Bobby Hemmitt Speaks To The Nation of Islam $15 
Clones of the Illuminati  $15   
Dark God: Journey Through The Shadow Realm  $15   
89.3 WRFG Atlanta Interview with Otim Larib and Bobby Hemmitt  $15   
Beyond The Wall of Death 1  $15   
Beyond The Wall of Death 2  $15   
The Great Ascension of Archangel Michael Jackson $15
Festivities of Melanin $15
Two Up on the Frequency with Phil Valentine $15
Return of the Archangels $15
The African Origin of the Arch Angels and the Mystical Science of the Dogon $15
The 9th Dimension of Aknator The Ancient Ethiopian $15
Baron Samedi: Ancient Ancestors - Light of the World $15
Melanin Spirit $15
Theology of Melanin $15
No Holds Barred $15
Afterlife Through The Gates of Death $15
 The Power of Infinity $15 
 Cosmic Change: The Awakening of the 3rd Eye and Death of the Illuminati  $15
 The Assassination of Black Consciousness  $15
 Sut-Typhon: Origins of the Devil  $15
 Human Artificial: Creation of the White Race  $15
 Immigrant Human: The Living Devil  $15
 World Trade Center: Towers of Destiny  $15
 The History of the K.K.K., The A.D.L. and the Moors  $15
 Speaks to the Nuwabians  $15
 Live and Raw on 125th Street In New York City  $15
 Rise of the Dogon Goddess  $15
 Spiritual Guerrilla Warfare with Alim EL. Bey  $15
 Melanin Wars: Rising of the Dark Matter After Hurricane Katrina  $15
 The Egyptian Mysteries  $15
 He Who Knows One Book Knows None  $15
 Pan Heru: Outside of the Circles of Time  $15
 Day of the Dead  $15
 Heru - Doorway to the Parallel Universe with Brother Karanja  $15
 The War on Orion  $15
 Melanin Voodoo Warfare  $15
 Genetic Coding: The Hale Bopp Mysteries  $15
 Black Mental Illness  $15
 What if the God You Serve Is the Devil?  $15
 Metaphysics of Love  $15
 Ancient Kemet  $15
 Mother Goddess and Ancient Prophecies  $15
 The State of the Black Race: Mental Genocide  $15
 Melanin Reloaded  $15
 Tales from The Darkside  $15
 Hip Hop and The Conspiracy To Destroy  $15
 New Spiritual Magic  $15
 Melanin People and the Black Hole Physics  $15
 Akenaten and Moses: One and the Same  $15
 Afrikan Egyptian Powers In the New Day  $15
 Chaos Code: Dracula Particle  $15
 Melanin Knowledge: The Coming of a New Dynastic People  $15
 The Conspiracy of Sound  $15
 Lam: Extraterrestial Hierarchy  $15
 The Dogon Lecture  $15
 The History of Melanin  $15
 Lasmi Return: Homeland Security  $15
 Return of Great Tara with R.V. Bey and Taj Tarik Bey  $15
 Fall of America, Rise of Amenta  $15
 The Mystery System  $15
 The Cosmic Countdown  $15
 Code of the Gods  $15
 Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome  $15
 Mystical Mystery Systems  $15
 Nebet-Het: Rise of the Black Auset  $15
 Isis Intervention: Return to Magical Egypt  $15
 Isis Intervention Preview  $15
 Indigenous People Rising Through Ritual  $15
 The Metaphysics of Destiny  $15
 Camelot Legacy: Rise of the U.K. Gods  $15
 Melanin Magic: D.N.A. Explosion  $15
 Unfolding the Illusion  $15
 Blackamoor and the Return of the Egyptian Sphinx with Azzaziel Bey  $15
 The Osirian, Moorish Metaphysical Destiny: Melanin In Transition  $15
 The Empire Strikes Back: The Political Game vs Dark Matter Consciousness  $15
 Negative Gods: Demons and Alchemy  $15
 Making Sense of the Madness  $15
 Chaos Being  $15
 A Direct Assault on Melanated D.N.A.  $15
 The United States Propaganda Machine and White Supremacy In Control  $15
 Kundalini: Global Warming  $15
 Decoding Today's Media  $15
 Without Sanctuary: 400 Years of Lynching  $15
 Vampires In Heavan (Fair Video Quality)  $15
 Moving Beyond Metaphysics Into Occult Wisdom  $15
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