Nubian DVDs and Books

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Booker T. Coleman
Moorish Influence In North Africa and Europe  $15 
The Impact of the Moors  $15 
Honoring The Enduring Legacy of Langston Hughes On Poetry and Astronomy  $25 
Kush and Kemet  $15 
Who We Are  $15 
Law and Order with Booker T. Coleman and Taj Tarik Bey  $15 
Magical Egypt  $15   
History of the Dogon  $15   
The Dogon  $15   
Ancient Africans Explore The World  $15 
Sacred Science of the Son with Booker T. Coleman and Dawud  $15 
Melanin Chronicles: The Mental and Spiritual Characteristics of Melanin $15
The Shabaka Stone $15 
The Crusades: 1096-1492 A.D.  $15 
African Warfare: Moors In Battle  $15 
The Evil of Mankind  $15 
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