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Dr. John Henrick Clarke


Africa Before Slavery   $15
African People Need To Listen   $15
The Elders' Symposium   $15
African Diary ReflectionsLike It Show with Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan   $15
Black Community Honors The Elders with Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Leonard Jeffries and Ishakamusa Barashango   $15
The Africans In The U.S.: The Journey Between Wars (1915 - 1945)   $15
Lost Data, World History   $15
The Elders' Forum with Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan and Bertha Brown   $15
Cultural Revolution As A Pre-Requisite For African Revolution   $15
White Supremacy with Michael Bradley   $15
What Color Was Jesus?   $15
African Impact On The Americas & Caribbean Islands   $15
The Work of Chiek Anta Diop   $15
Africa Before Slavery: The Empire of Songhai   $15
The Afro Asiatic Roots of Classical Civilization with Martin Bernal   $15
Slavery To Civilization   $15
The Debt The West Owes Africa with Martin Bernal and Mary Lefkowitz   $15
Global White Supremacy   $15
African Wisdom   $15
What Will We Tell Our Children?   $15
Pan-Africanism: Road To Liberation   $15
State of Black Jewiish Relations   $15
Christopher Columbus: Grand Theft Genocide  $15 
The African Rise of Islam  $15 
Who Betrayed The African Revolution with Dr. John Henrick Clarke, Ron Daniels and Alton Maddox  $15 
The Legacy of Marcus Garvey  $15 
The Great Debate with Dr. John Henrick Clarke Debating Mary Lefkowitz  $15 
Black Nationalism Versus The Politics of Assimilation with Dr. John Henrick Clarke Debating Dr. Cornel West  $15 
The Impact of Zionism with Dr. John Henrick Clarke  $15 


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