Nubian DVDs and Books

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Dr. Wesley Muhammad


Defending Our Asiatics with Dr. Wesley Muhammad & Sharif Bey  $15 
Islam with Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Sharif Bey  $15 
Dr. Wesley Muhammad Debates Dr. Ray Hagins  $15   
Was Prophet Muhammad Black or White?   $15   
The End of Ghetto Scholarship: Dr. Wesley Muhammad Refuting the Scholarship of Bobby Hemmitt, Phil Valentine, Walter Williams and Others  $20 
The End of Ghetto Scholarship 2 with Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Ali Muhammad  $15   
Islam: African or White Arab Religion with Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Saa Neter  $15 
Master Fard Muhammad and the War of Propaganda  $15 
God Among The Gods  $15 
The Bible, Qur'an and the Secret of the Black God  $20 
Black Power Conference: Tribute to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad  $15 
The Gods At War: Dr. Wesley Muhammad Debates Natural Tehuti $15 


God's Black Prophets: Deconstructing The Myth of the White Muhammad or Arabia and Jesus of Jerusalem  $16   
Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam  $21 
The Truth of God  $22   
Master Fard Muhammad  $12 
The Book of God  $28   
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