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Dr. Delbert Blair


Digital Mind Control, Chem Trails & Universal Earth Crisis  $15 
The Metaphysics of the Now and How We Should Prepare Ourselves  $15 
1st Annual UFO Conference For Melaninated People  $15 
What Is This World Coming To?  $15 
Spiritual Sex: Good Health and Healthy Relationships  $15 
2012 and the Great Mayan Olmec Calendar   $15
Explaining The Mysterious Sounds  $15 
Chem Trails and the World Within  $15   
Earth, Where Madness is Sanity  $15   
Earth's Ultimate Prize  $15   
Inner Worlds  $15   
Metaphysical Analysis of Coming Catastrophes  $15   
Nubian Egyptian Types of Societies  $15   
New World Order on Planet Earth with Phil Valentine  $15   
Secrets of the Pyramids  $15   
Sickening Before the Quickening  $15   
The Cosmos  $15   
Truth About Akenaton and the Pharoahs  $15   
Truth About The Sun and Planetary Alignment  $15   
Understanding  $15   
Benefits and Nagas Conspiracy  $15   
Return of the Nibiru Consciousness  $15   
Weather Warfare  $15   
The Metaphysical Meaning of the Movie Inception  $15   
Melanin, Metaphysics and Moving From the 3rd to 5th Dimension $15   
2012 and Avatar: The Movies, Myths and Meanings  $15 
Pre-History, Ancient History $15   
Magnetism $15 
Magnetic Solutions to Electronic Diseases $15
The Hidden Mysteries and Science of the 18th Dynasty $15
Health and Empowerment with Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Llaila Afrika and C. Freeman EL. $15
Terrestrials, Extraterrestrials and Aliens $15
Implantable Transponder $15
Black Inventors  $15 
What Is Metaphysics? Energy, Lightcode Lockdown  $15 
The Moors Influence In Europe  $15 
Energy Vampires: Electromagnetic Energy  $15 
Androgeny: The Metaphysics of Sex and Science of the Female  $15 
Silent Exotic Weapons: Mind Control For Melanated People  $15 
Separating the Truth From Lies  $15 
Return of the Black Cosmic Forces  $15 
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