Nubian DVDs and Books

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Dr. Llaila Afrika


Holistic Self Diagnosis  $58.95 
Melanin  $9.95 
Dictionary of Vitamins and Minerals From A to Z  $12.95 
Handbook For Raising Black Children  $24.95 
Nutricide  $17.95 
African Holistic Health  $18.95 


All DiseasesCan Be Reversed and Cured  $15 
All Diseases Can Be Cured Naturally  $15 
Mysterious Melanin  $15   
Controlling Your Teenager $15   
Healing With Psychic Spiritual Energy  $15   
Nutrition For Black Children  $15   
Fibroids and the Womb: Herbal Health and the Womb with Dr. Llaila Afrika and Dr. Sebi  $15 
Health and Empowerment with Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dr. Delbert Blair and C. Freeman EL. $15
The Great Debate: Should Black People Eat Meat? with Dr. Llaila Afrika Debating Dr. Scott Whitaker  $15 
Afrikan Astrology and Enhancement  $15 
Afrikan Origins of Math  $15 
The Harmful Effects of Fairytales on Black Children  $15 
Homosexuality in the Black Community  $15 
Homo-Detox  $15 
Melanin  $15 
Death of Black America 1  $15 
Death of Black America 2: Weight Loss and Obesity  $15 
Death of Black America 3: Eating to Die  $15 
Death of Black America 4: How to Overcome Cancer  $15 
Death of Black America 5: Overcoming Heart Disease  $15 
Death of Black America 6: How to Overcome Diabetes  $15 
Death of Black America 7: Arthritis  $15 
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