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Frances Cress Welsing


White Supremacy Still Exists  $15 
The New Face of White Supremacy  $15 
The System of Racism & A Scientific Black Agenda  $25 
The Cress Theory of Racism  $15 
What If The Children Understood Racism & White Supremacy Early  $15
Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act  $15 
Freedom From Psychological Slavery: Awakening From The Amerikkkan Dream  $15   
Black Males: Endangered Species  $15 
White Supremacy and the Red States  $15 
From Plants to Planets  $15 
New Orleans: Wake Up Call (Hurricane Katrina)  $15 
The Isis Papers Lecture  $15 
Free The Jena 6  $15 


The Isis Papers  $19.95 
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