Nubian DVDs and Books

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Positive Kemetic Visions

 Kush, The Black Unifier

Ambushed  $25 
The World Is Anti-Black   $25 
Strate Talk: The Shortest Distance From Here To Freedom  $25 
Haiti's Hellacaust  $35 
Negroes Gone Wild  $25 
Negroes Gone Worse Redux  $25 
Chronology of Black Hate In Hymiewood  $35 
Laughingstocks: The Zionist-Comedic Destruction of Black Dignity  $35 
Slave Ship Hop  $35 
Solutions For Chronic Black Male Adolescent Syndrome  $25   
Black Decency Movement  $25   
Negroes Gone Weird  $25   
Maafa $25   
White Nationalism  $25 
Black Nationalism and Homosexuality: The Impossible Alliance $25
The State of Black Youth $25
Be A Man Black Male  $25
Negroes Gone Worse  $25
Hat-Hop and Zionism: Weapons of Mass Black Annihilation  $25  
Hat-Hop: Culture or Barbarism  $25
How To Become A New Afrikan  $25
Journey to Womanhood  $25
Negroes Gone Wilder  $25
Reparations for the Black Nation  $25
Steps to Freedom  $25
The ABCs of Armed Self-Defense for New Afrikans  $25
The N Word Debate with Kush Debating Dr. Ernie Smith  $25
Understanding and Identifying Racism White Supremacy  $25
We Must Parent Our Children Well  $25

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese 

Black People, Look At What We Have Done  $25 
Pizza Gate  $50 
 21st Century Race Traitors $25 
Possessed  $35 
I'm Conscious, Now What?  $25 
Fighting The Homosexual Agenda Series  $100 
21st Century Race Politics Series  $50 
Racism White Supremacy  $50 
Mind Your Black Business Series  $50 
Where Is Your Black God Series  $50 
Fighting The Poltergeist Series  $50 
Genocide  $35 
Sexual Warfare: Blacks vs. Homos  $35 
Black Degeneracy vs Black Nationalism  $35 
Black On Black Self-Hatred  $35 
Dear Obama  $25 
Secret Relationships Between Black Leaders & Small Hats  $25 
War on The Horizon (Book)  $25 
Death by Lethal Integration  $25 
Feminism, Lesbianism and the Making of the Black Widow  $25
Effeminization of the Black Male Reloaded $25
Predators in Our Midst  $25
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