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Various Scholars 2
The Evolution of Mathematics And It's Application In Africa with Dr. Maat  $15 
Exposing The Black Church For What It Is with Shaka Ahmose  $15 
Exemplary Models For The True Application of The Black Woman Is God with Divine Prospect  $15 
The History of Christianity In Ancient Africa with James Smalls  $15 
Polight Debates Harry Rozenberg  $15 
How To Grow Workshop with Moses Amen  $15 
Global Terror with Dick Gregory  $15 
The Paradigm Shift with Queen Afua  $15 
The Importance of Afrikan Centered Education with Dr. Leonard Jeffries & Anthony Browder  $15 
Will The Real Moors Please Stand Up? with Reggie and Shakka Ahmose  $15 
Kemetic Nile Valley Origins of Alphabetic Writing with Senjedi  $15 
When 2 Worlds Collide with Brother Reggie, The Moors, Imam Bashir and KT The Arch Degree  $15 
The Evolution Conference and Panel Discussion with Ali Muhammad, Polight, Enki, Imam Bashir and others  $15 
The 2015 Melanin Conference with Booker T. Coleman, Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dr. Melanie Stevenson, Dr. Alim EL. Bey and KT The Arch Degree  $35 
How Black People Can Make Money with Dr. Claud Anderson  $15 
The Cures for AIDS, Sickle Cell & Cancer with Dr. Sebi  $15 
The 2015 Message To Black America with Dick Gregory  $15 
Black Genocide Is A Multi-Million Dollar Industry with Umar Johnson  $15 
Surviving A Genetically Modified Society with Professor Griff & Za Za Ali  $15 
Black Matters: State of Emergency with Professor Griff & Za Za Ali  $15 
Black Matters: Rebuilding The Black Family with Professor Griff & Za Za Ali  $15 
The Nile Valley Origin of the Holy Bible with Shaka Ahmose  $15 
The Egyptian Mysteries with Brother Reggie  $15 
Is The Hebrew Israelite 12 Tribe Chart Still Relevant? Round Table Debate with Polight, Enqi, Brother Reggie, Nasi, Hashar & Tazaryach  $15 
Sovereignty Intervention with Asim Akil  $15 
White Devil & The Return of the God Body with Enqi  $15 
Who Are We? Hebrews, Moors, Africans or Muslims? with Professor James Smalls  $15 
Facts & Fiction About STDs: Your Sex Life Is Their Science with Dr. Makeba Judge  $15 
The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Awakening of Our Youth Through The Applied Science of Urban Culture with Black Dot  $15 
Detoxing For Wellness and Afrikan Liberation with Queen Afua  $15 
Poverty Makes Me Sick with Alton Maddox and Polight  $15 
The Illuminati: Music, Media and Mind Control with Black Dot  $15 
Understanding Your Internal and External Health with Arthur Lewis  $15 
Knowledge Fest with Professor Griff and Black Dot  $15 
Transformation of Consciousness Throught The Use of the Sacred Word and the El-Chemy of Sound with Black Dot  $15 
Basic Herbs For Health and Healing  $15 
Are You Ready For The Financial Collapse? with Dr. Lee Warren  $15 
Son of the Jackal  $15 
Your Land is Your Crown with Polight  $15 
Polight Debates Tazaryach  $15 
Higher Consciousness and Kundalini with Santos Bonacci  $15 
Elite Emergency Data with Lindsey Williams  $15 
Child Support: How To Deal With It Legally with Professor Phillip Gillon  $15 
What Does The Government Shut Down Mean For The Black Family with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Million Youth March's Gathering of the Masters with Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Sara Suten Seti, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Black Dot and Polight  $15 
Malik Zulu Shabazz Debates Polight with Saa Neter  $15 
Where's My Daddy? Debunking The Dead Beat Dad Syndrome with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Mis-Education of the Black Community with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Nation of Islam and Scientology Exposed with Saa Neter and Ali Muhammad  $15 
Spirituality and Rebuilding The African American Family with James  $15 
The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Government's Cointelpro Against Our Black Leaders with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Planned Drugging of the Black Community with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Aztec Empire and Pyramid Documentary  $15 
Who Was Drew Ali and W. Fard Muhammad?  $15 
Does God Exist Debate? with Williams Craig vs Peter Millican   $15
Does God Exist Debate? with Kyle Butt vs Blair Scott  $15 
Hip Hop At The Illuminati Crossroads with Professor Griff  $15 
Eating Raw And Living A Long And Healthier Life with Dr. Aris Latham $15
The Art of Raw Food with Dr. Aris Latham  $15 
Pan Africa with Dr. Leonard Jeffries  $15 
Death of the Hip Hop Illuminati with Professor Griff  $15 
The House of Konsciousness 13th Anniversary with Saa Neter, Black Dot, Taj Tarik Bey, Natural Tahuti, Booker T. Coleman and Others  $15 
Buy The House, Sign The Contract, Protect The Asset with P.O.L.I.G.H.T.  $15 
God Given Rights or Man Made Privileges with P.O.L.I.G.H.T.  $15 
Words Speak Louder Than Actions with P.O.L.I.G.H.T.  $15 
Love Is Law and Family Is Business with P.O.L.I.G.H.T.  $15 
The Power Of Our Pyramids with Lester Loving  $15   
Basic Urban Survival with Aton Edwards  $15   
Knowledge of Self and the Origins of Rights of Passage with Rebbi Norvin H. Bey Isra-EL  $20   
We Have Come Together To Bring You Solutions with Polight, Natural Tahuti, Ali Muhammad, Shakur, Ishmael, Neb Aba and the Moors  $15   
The F.B.I. War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders (Documentary)  $15   
If Jesus Was A Revolutionary Why Is Your Preacher An Uncle Tom? with Omali Yeshitela $15 
Hip Hop, Leadership and Nationalism with KRS-ONE  $15   
An Intimate Session and We Must Know The Law with KRS-ONE  $15   
Knowledge Reign Supreme with KRS-ONE  $15 
Niggas Are Beyond Fucked Up with Brother T.J. $15 
Lost in North America: Stressed and Led Astray with Lord Graceful Malik $15
The Moors/Arab Slave Trade with Saa Neter and Lord Neb Abba  $15 
Redemption of the Moors Live on the Streets of NYC with Lord Neb Abba and Saa Beter  $15 
Redemption of the Moors with Lord Neb Abba  $15 
From Allah to Aliens and From Islam to Ignorance with Lord Neb Abba $15
The Great Harlem Debate 3: Should The State Return Alton Maddox's Law License? with Dr. Joy Degruy, Joe Bragg, Larry Hamm, Gil Noble, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and others $15
Ring of Power: Monkey Blood $15
Melchizedek: The Inner Degrees of Black Thought with Saa Neter, Dr. Delbert Blair and Others $15
Lessons in Astrology: The Chart of 2012 $15
Transylvanian Sunrise: Montauk Book of the Living with Peter Moon $15
Morphine with Brother Sharif, Azzaziel and Brother D. Brad $15
Metaphysics 101: Class 2 with Brother Sharif and Dawud $15
Ancient Magic and the Urban Shaman with Brother Sharif  $15 
Herb-An-Voodoo: The Magical Use of Nature with Brother Sharif $15
Health and Empowerment with C. Freeman EL., Dr. Llaila Afrika and Dr. Delbert Blair $15
The Execution of Malcolm X Documentary $15
The Metaphysics of Nobility with True Master $15
The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton $15
Basic Herbs For Health and Healing $15
Solving The Mayan Calendar Mystery $15
Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship with Johnny Liberty $15
Obama: The Post Modern Coup with Webster Tarpley $15
The History of the Arabs and the Slave Trade with Dr. M. Garvey $15 
Debate In The U.S.A.: Is The Bible The Word Of God? with Jimmy Swaggert Debating Ahmed Deedat  $15
Race Relations in America with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson  $15
The Defense of a King: Tutankhamen with Piankhi Menkeperra  $15
The Occult Science of Hip Hop and Movies Day 1 with Black Dot and Brother Rich  $15
The Occult Science of Hip Hop and Movies Day 2 with Black Dot and Brother Rich  $15
Ascension Into Your Immortal Self with Wayne Chandler  $15   
Techniques To Heal, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate, The Mind, Body and Soul with Wayne Chandler  $15   
What Is Soul Union? with Wayne Chandler  $15   
Cultivation of Internal Powers with Wayne Chandler  $15   
Dr. Wesley Muhammad Debates Dr. Ray Hagins  $15   
An Analysis of Cheikh Anta Diop's Civilization or Barbarism with Professor Ngemi  $15   
Origin of the Goddess Syndrome with Alimighty God Dawud Allah  $15   
The Indian's Holocaust (Documentary)  $15   
Great African Women In History with Dr. C.T. Keto  $15 
An Inside Look At The Moors and Khemet with Brother Shakka and Saa Neter  $15   
The Truth About The Existence of UFOs  $15   
Ancient Egypt Unearthed  $15   
Unify or Die Conference with Umar Johnson, Anthony Browder and Jared Ball  $15 
Intelelctual Insurrection with Umar Johnson  $15 
Black Incest, Molestation, Date Rape and Domestic Violence with Umar Johnson  $15 
ADHD and Ritalin Part 1 with Umar Johnson   $15
ADHD and Ritalin Part 2 with Umar Johnson   $15  
The Ballot or the Bullet with Umar Johnson   
Absence of Daddy From The Home Disorder with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Colors of Conspiracy with Umar Johnson  $15 
Amerikkka's Attack on Black Youth with Umar Johnson  $15   
For Sisters Only: Relationships and Dating with Umar Johnson  $15   
Black Male and Female Relationships 2 with Umar Johnson  $15   
Black Male and Female Relationships with Umar Johnson  $15 
The State of Black Children with Umar Johnson  $15   
Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder with Umar Johnson  $15   
Black Children and Learning Disabilities with Umar Johnson  $15   
Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys with Umar Johnson  $15   
Eugenics with Umar Johnson  $15   
From Public Schools to Prison with Umar Johnson  $15   
A Psycho-Ancestral Break Down of the Master Teachers with Umar Johnson  $15 
The Death of the Hip Hop Illuminati with Professor Griff and Black Dot  $15 
The Hip Hop Terminator: The End Begins with Professor Griff and the Red Pill  $15   
Homosexuality: The Road to Sex, Money and Power in Hip Hop with Professor Griff  $15   
Hip Hop: Weapon of Mass Destruction with Black Dot and Professor Griff  $15
Emergency 2009 with Madame Butterfly  $15
Money and the Law of Attraction with Esther and Jerry Hicks  $15
Discharging A Debt With A Promissory Note: Best Used With Knowledge of U.C.C. with Kevin Hines  $15
Metaphysical Breakdown of the Movie HANCOCK with Chief Liberation  $15
African Values Versus European Values with Dr. Theophile Obenga  $15
Ancient Egyptian Source of Greek Philosophy with Dr. Theophile Obenga  $15
The History and Betrayal of the N.A.A.C.P. with Dr. William Mackey  $15
Shoot Em' Up: The Truth About Vaccines Documentary  $15
America's Occult Holidays with Doc Marquis  $15
Meet the Press with Haile Selassie  $15
Lion of Judah with Haile Selassie  $15
Black Wall Street Documentary  $15
African Origins of Psychiatry with Dr. Richard King $15
The Black Dot With Dr. Richard King  $15
A Talk on Melanin with Dr. Richard King  $15
Muslims In Spain Documentary  $15
The "Con" In The Constitution with Otim Larib  $15
Black History with Bill Cosby $15
Healing the World: with Dr. Sebi Speaking to the Nuwaupian Nation $15
The Herbs Are For The Healing Of The Nations with Dr. Sebi   $15 
The Butcher of Death with Dr. Sebi $15
Your Leaders Have Betrayed You with Dr. Sebi  $15
The Psychopathic Racial Personality with Bobby Wright  $15
From David Walker to Malcolm X with Dr. James Turner  $15
How to Breathe with Mantak Chia  $15
The Illuminated Chakras  $15
Hip Hop Decoded Conference Day 1 with N.Y. Oil, A.A. Rashid, Brother Rich, Black Dot and Mutwazee  $15
Hip Hop Decoded Conference Day 2 with D.J. Spice, D. Bred, Chaka Zulu, Professor Griff and Aseer "Duke of Tiers"  $15
The Coconut Revolution Documentary  $15
Davinci Decoded  $15
Your Rights In Court With Lloyd Williams  $15
Battle of Adowa Documentary  $15 
Street Consciousness 1 with Saa Neter  $15 
Street Consciousness 2 with Saa Neter and Conscious Kent $15
Street Consciousness 3 with Saa Neter, Brother Shabazz, Immortal Technique and Dr. Jack Felder $15
Street Consciousness 4 with Saa Neter, Dawud, Azzaziel and True MAster $15
Street Consciousness 5 with Saa Neter, Azzaziel and Aseer "Duke of Tiers"  $15 
Street Consciousness 6 with Dr. Llaila Afrika, Za-Bach, Saa Neter and Bobby Hemmitt  $15 
Exposing The Ritual of Hollywood Through A System of Qaballah with Anpu  $15 
Absolute Infinition of Self Part 1 with Ausar Paul Maguzawa  $15 
Absolute Infinition of Self Part 2 with Ausar Paul Maguzawa $15
The Jewish Onslaught with Dr. Tony Martin $15
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