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Various Scholars 3
A Walking History Book with Dr. Leonard Jeffries  $15 
The Truth Is In The Blood with KT The Arch Degree, Red Pill and Blue Pill  $15 
Kemet or Islam? Which One will Prevail? with Reggie, Mfundishi and Ali Muhammad  $15  77 
Steel Sharpen Steel with Red Pill, Lord Jamar and Sankofa  $15 
Pours Out His Heart For Cancer Victims with Polight  $15 
The Takeover of the 2015 Million Man March with Polight, Enki and KT The Arch Degree  $15 
How To Read, Write and Understand The Medu Neter with Senjeti  $15 
True and Living Stories with Dick Gregory  $15 
The Bible Is Based Off Of Astrology with Young Pharoah  $15 
The Power of Learning The Medu Neter with Mfundishi  $15 
The Minority Report with Divine Prospect  $15 
The 2nd Crucifixion of Malcolm X with Zak Kondo and Ray Winbush  $15 
Words of Wisdom on the Current Condition of the Black Community with Dick Gregory  $15 
Exposed DVD: Pigland USA  $15 
Exposed DVD: Good Ol' House Negros  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Zionist Takeover 2015  $15 
Exposed DVD: Informant - Ray Hagis  $15 
Exposed DVD: Destructive Behavior  $15 
Exposed DVD: Destruction of the Black Family  $15 
Exposed DVD: Mental Genocide, Africans Participating In European Celebrations  $15 
Exposed DVD: St. Louis, Dred Scott Decision & The 1917 East St. Louis Race Riots  $15 
Exposed DVD: The MOVE Organization  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Triple Threat 2  $15 
Exposed DVD: FBI Entrapment  $15 
The Need For Nation Building with Baba Ifa  $15 
Black Nationalism and the Question of Islam  $15 
Exposed DVD: Dictator I Am 2  $15 
Exposed DVD: Me & My Bitch  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Alliance with Nation of Islam & Scientology  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Alliance 2 with Nation of Islam & Scientology  $15 
Poor Etiquette with Professor Carl Jones  $15 
Exposing Donald Sterling with Professor Griff $15 
The Merging of the 2 Qurans with Sufi & Sheik Shahid EL $15 
Sara Suten Seti Debates Nasi Yashuv-El  $15 
Exposing The Demonic Influences In Today's Music with Professor Griff  $15 
Exposed DVD: Suspect  $15 
Exposed DVD: Suspect 2  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Truth Hurts  $15 
Exposed DVD: Jay-z Business Man or Sell Out  $15 
The Science of Breathing with Ayo Handy-Kendi  $15 
Hell Up In Times Square with Saa Neter and Zabach  $15 
The Million Youth March with Saa Neter, Sara Suten Seti, Umar Johnson, Malik Zulu Shabazz and others  $15 
Ali Muhammad Debates Philip Muhammad  $15 
Polygamy and the Divine Family with Kilindi Iyi  $15 
Sacred Sex with Kilindi Iyi  $15 
Exposed DVD: Minister Louis Farrakhan  $15 
Exposed DVD: Minister Louis Farrakhan 2  $15 
Turning Our Spending Into Real Power with Claud Anderson & Polight  $15 
The Best of Both Worlds with Enqi & Ali Muhammad  $15 
Exposed DVD: Zionist World Domination  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Constitution For Dummies  $15 
Exposed DVD: Police State 2  $15 
How Do You Live A Healthy Life? by Enqi  $15 
Exposed: Lil Wayne...He Is What He Is  $15 
Exposed: Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun  $15 
African People and Economic Independence with Professor James Smalls  $15 
The Evolution of Consciousness with Saa Neter, Black Dot, Seville, Sara Suten Seti, Booker T. Coleman, Umar Johnson and others  $15 
Is The White Man Devil or Is Black People Our Own Worst Enemy with Sara Suten Seti Debating Brother Polight  $15 
Easter Sunday Exposed by Okera Damani  $15 
Hidden Colors Part 2  $25 
Economic Workshop with Brother Earl  $15 
Body Blueprint by Dr. Frank Wyatt  $15 
Sovereignty or Citizenship with Brother Polight   $15
Exposed DVD: Mitt Romney   $15
Can Roses Grow Out Of Concrete with Brother Polight   $15
Destroying Hip Hop's Appetitie For Self Destruction with Professor Griff   $15
Slaves With Swag with Daryl Hinmon   $15
The Prison Industrial Complex with Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander   $15
The Prison Industrial Complex Part 2 with Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander   $15
The Inner Degrees of Black Thought by Umar Johnson   $15
Acappella Revolution with Professor Griff   $15
Electronic Racism by Brother Polight   $15
Spiritual Warriors Are Healers by Mfundishi   $15
Hip Hop At The Illuminati Crossroads with Professor Griff   $15
Before Kemet Was The Congo with Brother Oba and Professor Griff  $15 
The Sacrifice and the Concept of God with Brother Oba  $15 
Black Economics, Black Culture with Professor James Smalls  $15 
The New Jim Crow with Michelle Alexander  $15 
Nubia On The Nile  $15 
African Origins of Humanity with Perry Kyles  $15 
Hannibal and Punic Wars with Perry Kyles  $15 
Life, Harmony and Light Conference with Delbert Blair, Mitchel Gibson, Elijah Grany and Jerry Miller  $15 
America's Occult History: Ancient Egypt In The West  $15   
Examination of the Freemasons  $15   
Land Is The Basis Of All Wealth with Bishop Luke Edward  $15   
How To Reprogram Your Brain (Documentary)  $15   
The College Conspiracy (Documentary)  $15 
Elenin and the Shift of Consciousness and the Knowing with Shahid Shabazz Allah, Saa Neter and Brother Shane  $15 
The Financial Collapse of the U.S. with Dr. Arthur Lewis  $15 
The Grand Chessboard: It's Not Just A Game with Dr. Arthur Lewis  $15 
Healthcare Legislation with Dr. Arthur Lewis and Dr. Leonard Jeffries  $15 
European World Domination with Dr. Arthur Lewis  $15 
Return of the Star Nations with Ras Ben  $15 
Galactic Activation with Anpu  $15 
The Vibration of the Word Nigger with Sutek, Sara Suten Seti, Professor Larry, Natural Tahuti and Seville  $15 
Exposed DVD: My Crazy Dark Secrets  $15 
Exposed DVD: The Illuminati Takeover  $15 
Exposed DVD: Dictator I Am  $15 
Exposed: Is Worldstar Hip Hop Promoting Violence and Racism?  $15 
Exposed: The New Satanic Culture  $15 
Exposed: Materialistic Zombies  $15 
Exposed: Order Out Of Kaos  $15 
Exposed: Breakdown of the Dark Knight Rises or The Antichrist Rises  $15 
Exposed: Was The Death of Whitney Houston A Blood Sacrifice?  $15 
Exposed: Was Death of Whitney Houston A Blood Sacrifice? Part 2  $15 
Exposed: From Nigger to Nigga  $15 
Exposed: Clash of the Titans  $15 
Exposed: Cesare Borgia  $15 
Exposed: The Straw Man  $15 
Exposed: The Assassination of Martin Luther KingJr.   $15
Exposed: Taj Tarik Bey  $15 
Exposed: The Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi  $15 
Exposed: The Bankers  $15 
Exposed: Civil Unrest and Food Riots  $15 
Exposed: Professor Griff - Homosexuality, The Road To Sex, Money and Power In Hip Hop  $15 
Exposed: The College Conspiracy  $15 
Exposed: The Rothschilds  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover 10  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati's Elenin - 2012 or 2011? Part 1  $15 
Exposed: The Illuminati's Elenin - 2012 or 2011? Part 2  $15 
Exposed: Dick Gregory Analyzing The Powers That Be and the Games They Play  $15   
Exposed: Barack Obama Drama - Was Barack Obama Really Born In Hawaii? and the Osama Bin Laden Death Hoax  $15   
Exposed: Barack Obama Drama 2  $15   
Exposed: Martial Law  $15 
Exposed: New World Order  $15 
Exposed: New World Order 2  $15 
Exposed: New World Order 3  $15 
Exposed: Eugenics and Population Control (To Exterminate Blacks)  $15 
Exposed: Eugenics and Population Control 2 (To Exterminate Blacks)  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover 9 - William Cooper vs Rick Ross Freemason  $15 
Exposed: The Black Queens and Goddesses  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover 8  $15   
Exposed: False Teachers 2 featuring Eddie Long  $15   
Exposed: Jay-Z Is Decoded  $15   
Exposed: The Setup of Dr. Malachi Z. York  $15   
Exposed: At The Feet Of The Grandmasters Volume 1 with Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan and Dr. John H. Clarke  $15   
Exposed: At The Feet of the Grandmasters Volume 2 with Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan and Dr. John H. Clarke  $15   
Exposed: The Boule   $15   
Exposed: Denouncing the Divine 9 (Do Black College
Fraternities and Sororities Worship False Idols and Gods?)
Exposed: Denouncing The Divine 9 Part 2  $15 
Exposed: Sasha Fierce, Barack Obama and Bill O'Reilly (Homo  Geniz  Nation)  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover on Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith, Kanye West and Lady Gaga  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover on Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce and Rihanna  $15   
Exposed: The False Teachers (Creflo Dollar and Mason Betha)  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover On DMX, Eminem, Piddy, Young Jeezy and Prodigy's Letter To Jay-Z $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takerover On Kanye West's Power Video, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Lauryn Hill  $15   
Exposed: The Sports and Music Edition  $15   
Exposed: The Sports and Music Edition 2  $15   
Exposed: The Illuminati Takeover on the Assassination of Michael Jackson  $15   
Exposed: Mary Mary and How They Sold Their Souls $15   
The Human Zoo $15   
First Born: Movie On Genetic Experimentation on the Human Fetus  $15   
Who Is Satan, Lucifer and His Fallen Angels? with Sister Raz, Azzaziel, Black Dot, Red Pill, Dawud and Hakim Bey  $15   
The Flower of Life: Sacred Geometry with Drunvalo Melchizedek  $15   
A Damn Shame 1: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 2: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 3: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 4: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 5: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 6: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15   
A Damn Shame 7: Hip Hop on the Down Low and the New World Order $15 
A Damn Shame: Grown Black Men Wearing Skinny Jeans  $15   
A Damn Shame Shame: Saggin Jeans Edition  $15   
Modern Magical Martial Arts of the Ninjutsu with Master Shaka Zulu  $15   
The Black Woman's Presence in African Concepts of God with Prince Isaac $15 
Illuminati Fairytales and Nursery Crimes by Prince Isaac $15   
The Black Woman's Presence In African Concepts of God with Prince Isaac $15   
Crystals and Colors: The Power of Building Your Alter With Crystals with Seshatms EL-Salim and Mfundishi EL-Salim $15   
Your Life Path Numbers: The Science of Planning Your Life Through Your Birth Numbers with True Master of the Wu-Tang Clan  $15   
Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy $15   
Hip Hop Occult: Game Over  $15   
Beyond The Psychological Covert War On Hip Hop with Professor Griff  $15 
Destroying Hip Hop's Appetite For Self Destruction with Professor Griff  $15   
Pimps, Preachers, Politicians, The President and Pulpit with Professor Griff  $15 
The Psychological Covert War On Hip Hop with Professor Griff  $15 
The Art of War with Professor  $15 
Homosexuality: The Road To Sex, Money and Power in Hip Hop with Professor Griff  $15 
Symbology 101 and the Illuminati Takeover of Hip Hop with Professor Griff  $15 
Blueprint 322 with the Red Pill, Anpu, Black Dot, A.A. Rashid and the Blue Pill  $15 
War of the Gods: Is The Black Woman God? with Saa Neter, Natural Tehuti and the Five Percenters  $15 
Natural Tehuti Debates Dr. Wesley Muhammad: Is Islam An African or White Arab Religion? $15 
Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism and White Denial In The Age of Obama with Tim Wise $15
A Critical Analysis of Consciousness In The Community with D. Brad $15
Sex, Health and Mind Control with Sister Akilah  $15   
Sirius Dog Star and Melanin with Brother King Supreme  $15   
Magnetic Pole Shifting with Brother King Supreme  $15   
Blackness and the Creator of Light with Brother King Supreme  $15   
Christ, Saturn and Satan with Brother King Supreme  $15   
The Black Woman, The Great Mother and the Mothership with King Supreme  $15   
Transformation of Consciousness with King Supreme  $15   
The Black Woman is God with One M Noopooh and Natural Tahuti  $15 
The Cycle of Sin: Religion and Confusion with Brother Unemnoopooh $15
The Islam Versus Kemet Debate with Brothers Sha and Tehuti $15
Kemetic Origins of the Cosmos with Kaba Kamene $15
The History of Africa with Basil Davidson $15
The Tekhen: Uncovering The Influence of Ancient Egypt $15
The Obama Deception DVD Debate with Malik Zulu Shabazz Debating Darin Muhammad $15
Legacy of a Master Moses Powell (Martial Arts/Self-Defense) $15
Kumite Ryu Jiujitsu (Martial Arts/Self-Defense) $15
Making Eternal Life Rings with Suzar $15
Orgone Energy and Your Health with Suzar (Author of BLACKED OUT THROUGH WHITEWASH) $15
Medical Apartheid with Harriet Washington $15
Idi Amin Dada Documentary  $15 
Why Black Men Choose White Women with Dr. Rosie Milligan  $15 
The Healing of the Post Traumatic Syndrome in 2009 with Dr. Joy Leary  $15 
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome with Dr. Joy Leary  $15 
Goodbye Uncle Tom  $15 
Quantum Astrology with Rick Levine  $15 
Black Skin, White Mask with Frantz Fanon  $15 
Interview In Cuba with Assata Shakur Documentary  $15 
The Euro-Centric Mind of the Negro with Lowell Dickerson  $15 
Understanding the Devil's Language with Maullam EL-Muslim  $15 
The Moon is a Spaceship with Dr. Bruce  $15 
The 40 oz Scandal: Rappers Who Betrayed Us with Coach Powell  $15 
Destruction of Black Civilization with John Jackson and Chancellor Williams  $15 
History of the Universe with Dr. Oyibo  $15 
The F.B.I. War With Black America Documentary  $15 
The Living Matrix: Afilm on the New Science of Healing  $15   
Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs with Dr. Jose Arguelles  $15   
After 400 Years, You Still The White Man's Nigger with Dawud  $15 
Nigger Madness and Jewish Demons with Dawud  $15
The Abomination of False Messiahs with Dawud  $15
The Last Testament with Dawud  $15
The Amerikkkan Nigger Factory with Del Jones  $15
Sex Prisoners with Del Jones  $15
Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch with Sister Chielo Israel  $15
The Occult Meaning of Comic Books with Dr. Razwell  $15
Matric Revealed with Brother Sam  $15
Attempted Assassination of Khallid Abdul Muhammad with Brother Jamaal  $15
A Conversation About The Negro Sellout with Utice Leid  $15
Tawana Brawley: The Untold Story Documentary  $15
Germany's Black Holocaust Documentary  $15
Life Without The Pig with Shahrazad Ali  $15
Burning At The Stake with Malik and Saa Neter  $15
The Black Cowboys with Herschell Turner  $15
Kemetamorphis with Professor James Smalls $15
Christianity, Islam and Judaism Are All Lies with Professor James Smalls  $15
Post Slavery Trauma Syndrome with Professor James Smalls and Dr. Leonard Jeffries  $15
Early Sexual Trauma with Dr. Pat Newton  $15
The Crisis of Negro Leadership with Attorney Louis Clayton Jones  $15
Move Organization: Confrontation In Philadelphia Documentary  $15
Black Power with Brother Tehuti  $15
The Hidden Dangers of Bottled Water and Cell Phones with Evan Trudeau  $15
Off The Pig, May Day Rally 1969, Repression Documentary with the Black Panther Party  $15
The Murder of Fred Hampton Documentary  $15
Wisecraft Divination with Brother Israel  $15
Sexual Energy and the Orisha with Brother Israel  $15
The Metaphysics of Solomon with Brother Israel  $15
Breaking Astrology Codes with Brother Israel  $15
The Joe Namath Show with Muhammad Ali  $15
The Daughters of Willie Lynch with Brother Lamar  $15
The Demons of Hip Hop with Brother Lamar  $15
No More God Games: Truth vs Faith with Dr. Malachi Z. York  $15
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