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Updated 10/20/17



Black Friday 2 with Chuck D, Dr. Boyce Watkins, David Banner, Les Brown and others  $25 
1804: The Hidden History of Haiti with Tariq Nasheed, Wyclef, Professor James Small, Dr. Wade Nobles and others  $25 
Pizza Gate with The Irritated Genie  $50 
Black People, Look At What We Have Done with The Irritated Genie  $25 
Elementary Genocide 3 with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Shahrazad Ali, Dr. David Banner, Dr. James Smalls and others   $20 
Gentrified - Ethnic Cleansing American Style with Michael Henry Adams, Valerie Bradley, Dr. James Fraser and others  $25 
Wilmington On Fire with Umar Johnson, Daawud Muhammad, Sonya Patrick and others   $25 
Hidden Colors 4 with Tariq Nasheed, Jim Brown, Anthony Browder, James Smalls, Robin Walker, Llaila Afrika and others  $25 
21st Century Race Traitors with The Irritated Genie  $25 
Polight Debates Harry Rozenberg  $15 
The History of Christianity in Ancient Africa with James Smalls  $15 
Exemplary Models For The True Application Of The Black Woman Is God with Divine Prospect  $15 
Status Correction with Ali Muhammad  $15 
Exposing The Black Church For What It Is with Shaka Ahmose  $15 
The Evolution of Mathematics And It's Application In Africa with Dr. Maat  $15 
Pyramids of the Sun & Moon with Ivan Van Sertima  $15 
The Pharonic Origins of Science with Ivan Van Sertima  $15 
The Importance of Afrikan Centered Education with Anthony Browder & Dr. Leonard Jeffries  $15 
White Supremacy Still Exists with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing  $15 
The Paradigm Shift: From Fast Food To Liberation Diet with Queen Afua  $15 
How To Grow Workshop with Moses Amen  $15 
Global Terror with Dick Gregory  $15 
The Power of Learning The Medu Neter with Mfundishi  $15 
How To Read, Write And Understand The Metu Neter with Senjeti  $15 
The Takeover of the 2015 Million Man March with Polight, Enki and KT The Arch Degree  $15 


The Access Codes To Zion: How To Live On The Frequency by Naazir Ra $15 
Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer? by Kedar Griffo and Michael Berkley  $25   
Finding Karakhamun by Anthony Browder  $12   
The World's Best Kept Secret by Mowreh Yisrael  $6 
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